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We're North American importers and distributors of the world's oldest premium cables outfit - born in 1976.


Give a look to the audio, video, and computer cables at Read the 71-page online catalog (or ask us for a hard copy) - where you'll learn everything you'll need to know about cables - and why the value-priced, "No Nonsense" Supras give you premium quality at a price you can actually afford.


As UK mag Hi Fi + said: "Big-name Burgundy performance for the price of a Chilean Pinot."

Visit Supra Website:

"Their sound quality is superb by any parameters that you want to apply—their reproduction of treble, midrange, bass, the soundstage, and low level detail are all accomplished at a remarkably high level." - Positive Feedback


Best Sound (for the money) at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, Chris Martens of The Absolute Sound


" produced nothing but big, room-filling sound. There was that well-controlled, thunderous bass and startlingly quick transients." - The Stereophile, 10/10


"I have no idea whatsoever how he manages to wring such enormous scale, clarity, and impact out of such a tiny box." The Stereophile, 10/12


"The soundstage was immense, the midrange smooth and detailed, and the bass was just very surprising for a little speaker." - Stereo Mojo


"(the clue) is an excellent performer, delivering far beyond their relatively modest cost would imply." - Soundsgoodtome


"These speakers defy all logic and I seriously don't understand why they sound as good as they do." - Part-Time Audiophile






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